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Derma Wand

Derma Wand
No harsh chemicals, no body altering drugs, just pure clean oxygen to make your skin look great!

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The Derma Wand is the condensed version of the corrective technology that skincare professionals rely on. This revolutionary technology sends a gentle stream of impulses to renew dull, tired and aged looking skin, firming and toning, giving a youthful lifted appearance. At the same time, the Derma Wand produces enriched oxygen to purify and retexture the surface of the skin, without using harsh or abrasive chemicals.

PUFFY EYES Caused by fluid build-up under the eyes

These fluid sacs can be drained by massage. The Derma Wand works like thousands of tiny fingers massaging the skin to help to drain the lymphatic tissue and even your sinuses. To drain under the eyes, always work from the outer corner to the bridge of the nose and over the brow in a continuous moving circle. What a relief!

STIMULATES THE SKIN Lazy Slackened Looking Skin

At last, a non-invasive face lift!!! The Derma Wand sends the firming and toning impulses to the skin, asking the skin to do a response. Other facial machines usually deal with firming the muscle area of the face.


The Derma Wand acts by producing a stream of enriched oxygen, right at the skin’s surface. These oxygen molecules can get right down into the root of the pore to help clean the unwanted debris out. This allows the pore to regain its natural size.


The Derma Wand helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkle in many ways:

Derma Wand provides an extra level of skin purification to make sure that the entrapped dirt that weighs down your skin is removed

Derma Wand helps to penetrate moisturizers deeper into the skin. The Derma Wand is a stippling activity, like hundreds of fingers patting the skins surface at 100,000 cycles per second. This activity promotes product penetration.

Derma Wand works with any moisturizer. Even inexpensive moisturizers will be significantly improved by using the Derma Wand.

Derma Wand increases the blood flow so that the skin is fed vital nutrients from within. This increased nutrition helps your body to feed itself and repair the damage caused by time and environment.

Kit Includes:

1 - Derma Wand
1 - Carrying Case
1 - Instructional DVD
1 - Instruction Booklet
1 - 2oz DermaVitàl Pre-Face Treatment
1 - 2oz DermaVitàl Hydra Infusion Treatment
1 - 4oz Hydrating Skin Mist


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