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Hot Legs
Perfect For Touch Ups

Out of Stock


With Hot Legs you can be your own aesthetician right at home,giving yourself an affordable, comfortable and ouch-free alternative to painful and expensive salon hot wax treatments. Enjoy silky, satin-smooth skin for up to 8 weeks without any appointments. Using Hot Legs is really as easy as one, two, three!

STEP 1Hot Legs Comfort Spray
Apply a light mist of the fragrant Hot Legs Comfort Spray to the area of unwanted hair you wish to remove. The soothing, skin-nourishing botanicals in the spray cool and prepare your skin for effective, pain-free hair removal.

STEP 2Hot Legs Cool Gel Total Body Strips
If using on a large area, such as your leg, use a full Hot Legs Cool Gel Strip. If using on a smaller area, like your brows, upper lip or bikini line, cut strips to fit the area. Warm the Hot Legs Cool Gel Strip between your palms and pull apart, turning one strip into two. Gently press one side of the strip onto the hair. Holding your skin taut, quickly pull the strip back for quick, easy and ouch-free hair removal.

STEP 3Hot Legs Total Body Hydrating Serum
Spray on the Hot Legs Total Body Hydrating Serum with tea tree oil immediately after step 2. This powerful hydrating serum removes wax residual, while the moisturizing component pampers and nourishes your skin, giving you an elegant, smooth and silky Hot Legs finish.





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