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The FIRM Body Sculpting System
The FIRM Body Sculpting System
The Ultimate fat-burning, body toning system!

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Become a FIRM Body Sculpting System Believer!

The FIRM Body Sculpting System is a complete workout which will help you to slenderize and sculpt your body.

The FIRM Body Sculpting System signature method of cardio weight training.The FIRM Body Sculpting System includes the multi-functional FIRM 3-in-1 platform and 3 FIRM workouts on one DVD.

FIRM Body Sculpting System DVD features 3 workouts:

Cardio Sculpt Workout - Take one part cardio. Add one part body shaping. End up with one awesome body. FIRM Body Sculpting System is a Favorite FIRM Master Instructor Allie DelRio Pointer will have you burning fat, building lean muscle and creating your very own personal masterpiece.

Body Sculpt Workout - Strength equals shape. Shape equals success. Body Sculpt and its scientifically sequenced strength-building exercises work your upper and lower body fast. The FIRM Master Instructor Jennifer Carman will turn you into a strong, fat-burning machine, from top to bottom.

Ab Sculpt Workout - The workout that proves getting flat abs can actually be fun. The FIRM Master Instructor Lisa Kay shows you the right way to breath and pro




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